Focus Areas

Wind Energy Initiative

Focus Areas

A diverse group from multiple colleges and departments at Iowa State are active in different parts of the Wind Industry R&D research space.

·      Blade Anti-Icing/De-Icing

Faculty: See ISU Initiative for Icing Physics and Anti-/De-Icing Technology (I3-IPAD)


·      Grid Integration

Faculty: See Electric Power Research Center


·      Tall Wind

Faculty Lead: Dr. Sri Sritharan

Recent Past project: Design, Testing and Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis of Tall Concrete Towers and Foundations; Project Partners: Siemens Corporation, Coreslab Structures (OMAHA), Inc., BergerABAM, Inc., Lafarge North America, National Renewable Energy Laboratory


·      Wildlife and Wind Energy

Faculty: Drs. Anupam Sharma and Stephen Dinsmore


·      Wind Farm and Turbine Aeromechanics and Wake Interference

Faculty: Drs. Hui Hu & Anupam Sharma


·      Wind Resource Characterization, Measurement and Modeling of Turbine-Crop and Turbine-Turbine Interactions

Faculty: Dr. Eugene Takle

Partners: University of Colorado, NCAR


·      Blade Manufacturing

Faculty: Drs. Frank Peters & Matt Frank

Partners: TPI Composites, Inc., Sandia National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory


·      Reliability: Nondestructive Evaluation, Operation and Maintenance, Structural Health Monitoring

Faculty: Drs. Leonard Bond, John Jackman, Vinay Dayal, Chao Hu, Simon Laflamme