Boeing Undergraduate Research Excellence in Engineering Program Application

The Boeing Undergraduate Research Excellence in Engineering Program provides students in the College of Engineering with an opportunity to conduct exciting research in cutting edge topics applicable to the Boeing Company. Potential research areas include aerospace engineering, cyber security, real time embedded and autonomous systems, software engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning, advanced material and manufacturing, design for X, air traffic management, production system design, and many more.

Students accepted into this competitive two-semester program will be designated as Boeing Research Fellows and matched with an ISU faculty member (and a Boeing Company mentor) to define and lead the research. Boeing Research Fellows will be paid hourly for their work in the faculty member’s research lab and may also apply for a summer internship at a Boeing location working in the same technical field. Boeing Research Fellows also will participate in group experiences in the Student Innovation Center and receive training on creativity, research ethics, intellectual property and principles and practices at Iowa State University. Boeing Research Fellows will participate in research presentation each semester and submit a brief project report at the conclusion of the project.

Approximately 12-15 students will be selected this spring/summer and then work will be performed in the research labs during the fall 2022 and spring 2023 semesters.

Application deadline is April 6, 2022.