Haozhe Chen

Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems

Keywords: Empirical behavioral research, reverse logistics, returns management, relationship management, supply chain

I am interested in many aspects of supply chain management from a managerial perspective such as supply chain integration and collaboration, buyer-seller relationships, third-party logistics (3PL) relationships, etc. However, one area that is especially attractive to me is reverse logistics, which includes topics such as returns management, sustainability, remanufacturing, and secondary market. I have completed and are working on serval research projects in this big area with multiple articles having been published. My major research methods include empirical survey study, qualitative research methods (such as interviews and case studies), and behavioral experiments. I am actively involved with several industry organizations: I serve on the Board of Advisors of Reverse Logistics and Sustainability Council, and I am an active member of Reverse Logistics Association. I was also recently appointed to Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ Academic Strategy Committee. Right now, I want to explore reverse logistics research topics on company-consumer interactions.

Email: hzchen at iastate.edu, Phone: 4-7216