Center for Plant Genomics

The Center for Plant Genomics (CPG) conducts research and provides graduate education at the frontiers of structural and functional genomics. The CPG was designed to promote research advancements and foster collaborations among its members.  The CPG provides technical support for research projects that require high-throughput data collection and analysis (e.g. large-scale EST sequencing, mRNA and protein profiling, and genetic and physical mapping).  The Center also partners with engineers and physical scientists to develop, adapt, and/or evaluate novel technologies for genomics and proteomics research through its Microarray and Proteomics Facilities.  In addition, it partners with PSI members to support hypothesis-driven research that would benefit from access to high-throughput resources and/or genomic data sets.  The CPG contributes to the training of graduate students and early-career scientists in an environment that emphasizes the use of high-throughput technologies to address significant biological questions.  Access to these and other technologies enables students to explore new ideas and think in new ways about what research can and should be performed.

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