Gary Mirka


John Ryder Professor, University Professor
Director of Graduate Education
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering


3025 Black Engr.
2529 Union Dr.
Ames, IA 500112030



  • PhD, The Ohio State University, Industrial and Systems Engineering, 1992
  • MS, The Ohio State University, Industrial and Systems Engineering, 1988
  • BS, The Ohio State University, Industrial and Systems Engineering, 1988

Interest Areas

Dr. Mirka’s research interests are in the area of occupational safety and ergonomics with particular emphasis on spine biomechanics, low back injury prevention and ergonomic intervention effectiveness research. His research efforts have taken him into the construction, agriculture, commercial fishing, and furniture manufacturing industries. Dr. Mirka was the recipient of the 1993 Volvo Award for Low Back Pain Research.



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  • Sarker P, H Norasi, J Koenig, MS Hallbeck and GA Mirka (2021) “Effects of Break Scheduling Strategies on Subjective and Objective Measures of Neck and Shoulder Muscle Fatigue in Asymptomatic Adults Performing a Standing Task Requiring Static Neck Flexion”, Applied Ergonomics, 92: 103311. ( 
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