Kyung (Jo) Min


John B. Slater Fellow in Sustainable Design & Manufacturing, Associate Professor
Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering


3030 Black Engr
2529 Union Dr
Ames, IA 50011-2030




  • PhD,  Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, University of California-Berkeley, 1990
  • MS, University of California-Berkeley, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 1985
  • BS (Summa Cum Laude), University of California-Los Angeles, Math-Systems Science, 1984

Interest Areas

Dr. Min’s research areas are economic decisions under uncertainties (risk management, engineering valuation, real options), design of economic systems and policies, operational and strategic improvement in productivity. Application areas are in energy, materials, environmental, production, education, and government systems. Examples are: the planning of transmission networks under uncertainty, the renewable power generation expansion, the management of closed-loop supply chains with remanufacturing, the environmental stewardship on emission control and product reuse, and educational, industrial, and governmental outcomes assessment and continuous improvement. For example, with Dr. MacKenzie, Dr. Min is conducting a project on solar and wind energy using engineering economics theory (SWEEET at Other examples can be found here and here.


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