Kilibarda (she/her), Kris

Kris Kilibarda (she/her) image

Director, Women in Science and Engineering

External Staff | Program For Women In Science & Engineering

Doellinger, Heidi

Heidi Doellinger image

College of Engineering Assessment Analyst

External Staff | Engineering Administration

Clark, Brandon

Brandon Clark image Multicultural Student Success [ENGSS]

Student Success & Retention Coordinator

External Staff | Engineering Student Services

Hargrave, Connie

Connie Hargrave image

Associate Dean for Equity and Engagement
Engineering Administration

External Faculty | College of Engineering Engineering Administration

Gomes, Carmen

Carmen Gomes image

Associate Professor
COE Faculty Success Advisor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering (Courtesy)
Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition (Courtesy)

External Faculty | ABE Adjunct, Affiliate and Courtesy Faculty ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering Virtual Reality Applications Center | Biobased Materials Biomaterials Biosensing Biosensors and point of care diagnostics Delivery system Drug Delivery Electrochemical systems Environmental Sensing Food and agricultural system improvements and evaluation Food processing

Wright, James

James Wright image Teaching Professor [A&BE]

Teaching Professor

External Faculty | ABE Faculty Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Ancar, Lequetia

Lequetia Ancar image

Director of Multicultural Student Success
Assistant Director of Engineering Student Services
Multicultural & Women Student Success
Senior Multicultural Student Success [ENGSS]

External Staff | Engineering Student Services

Soupir, Michelle

Michelle Soupir image

Associate Dean, Graduate College
Professor, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

External Faculty | ABE Faculty Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering CCEE Adjunct and Courtesy Graduate College | Best management practices Environmental Microbiology Nutrients Water Quality Water quality modeling Water quality monitoring

Jarboe, Laura

Laura Jarboe image

Professor, Cargill Professor in Chemical Engineering

External Faculty | CBE Professors Chemical and Biological Engineering | Metabolic Engineering Microbial inhibitor tolerance

Shane, Jennifer

Jennifer Shane image

W.A. Klinger Teaching Professorship
Director of Construction Management and Technology Program, Institute for Transportation

External Faculty | CCEE Faculty Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering Institute For Transportation