Upperclassmen Professional Development

Upperclassmen Professional Development

A series of workshops geared towards junior and senior multicultural students to address different issues regarding higher education, and topics trending locally and globally in the world around us.  The goal is to prompt conversation and encourage engagement to embrace diverse perspectives.  Each workshop offers students tools to aid in their academic, professional, and social success and development.


To provide junior and senior students of color the opportunity to connect with their peers, faculty, and staff. This program is designed to encourage students to continue to connect with campus, and develop professionally while finishing their degree requirements and preparing for life as a professional engineer.


  • Students will strengthen their sense of connection and belonging.
  • Students will develop an academic and professional network of support with peers, faculty, staff, and industry partners.
  • Students will develop a better understanding of self.
  • Students will identify professional goals.


  • Real World Prep
  • First Impressions
  • Alumni Speaks
  • Your Voice Matters
  • Connecting the DOTS
  • Industry Guests




APEX for Engineers

New 8-Week Academic and Transition Program

LEAD Learning Community Activities

Study Tables
2102 Student Innovation Center
6-9pm Sunday through Thursday
*facilitated by peer mentors and student organizations

LEAD Learning Community Seminar
Fridays, Fall 2022

Fridays, Spring 2023

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