About LEAD

LEAD Thank You

The LEAD Program aims to enhance the experience of undergraduate multicultural and women students in the College of Engineering at Iowa State University through programs and services geared toward ACADEMIC, PROFESSIONAL, and SOCIAL development and success.

LEAD programs and services strive to increase the number of successful multicultural and female engineering graduates by helping students get connected, become leaders, earn higher grades, graduate sooner, and become better prepared for a career as an engineer.

The LEAD programs serve engineering students who are part of the following communities:

  • African Americans
  • Latino / Latina Americans
  • Asian Americans
  • Native Americans / American Indians
  • Multiracial
  • Women

The following programs and services are offered to support LEAD students:

  • Living and Learning Community
  • Study Tables
  • Educational Programs
  • Tutoring Referrals
  • Industry Tours
  • Industrial Networking Opportunities
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Academic and Personal Advising and Support
  • Acclimation Support for Freshmen
  • Social Networking and Support




APEX for Engineers (APEXE)
8-Week Academic and Transition Program

LEAD Learning Community Activities

Study Tables
2nd Floor Marston Hall (North Study Space)
6-8pm Sunday thru Thursday
*facilitated by peer mentors and student organizations

LEAD Learning Community Seminar
Fridays, Fall 2020

Fridays, Spring 2021