TEAM Board Application

Position Descriptions:

Events Chair: The Events Chair is in charge of keeping the Events sheet up-to-date. Helping with setting up official TEAM events and making sure that we have enough people to help out. In the Spring, the Events Chair works closely with ESS staff to put on Scholars’ Day (an all-day recruitment event).

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for dealing with TEAM’s finances. The Treasurer will ask for money from Engineering Student Council for Allocations. In the Fall, the Treasurer will work with ESS staff to put on our annual jacket sale fundraiser.

Tour Coordinator: The Tour Scheduling Chair takes results from our Updates and Availability Form to schedule people for tour days. Works closely with Tour Leaders to ensure that the tours run well.

Business and Risk Manager: The Business Manager is in charge of tracking attendance and making sure that all members have filled out necessary paperwork along with keeping the TEAM roster updated.

Recruitment: The Recruitment Chair works at the beginning of the semester to publicize TEAM to recruit new members. Main roles include registering and organizing TEAM’s clubfest efforts as well as presentations at Engineering 101 classes along with interviews for new candidates.

Tour Information: The Tour Information Chair organizes tour training each semester and schedules speakers for general meetings. Helps make updates to the script as necessary.

Social: The Social Chair plans icebreakers and fun activities for TEAM meetings. Plans and coordinates intramural teams. Plans socials for TEAM throughout the semester. The Social Chair has also started to run the TEAM mentor program by pairing new members with current members, helping to integrate new members into TEAM.

Webmaster: The Webmaster runs the TEAM website. Making sure to make certain pages available when necessary and taking them down when they are no longer needed.


Board Position Application

If you are interested in running for a leadership position on TEAM Board for the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 term, please fill out the form below.
  • You must have a GPA of 2.0 or above to serve in a leadership position within a student organization. Are you able to fulfill this requirement by the beginning of the fall semester?
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