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Ludovico Cademartiri (right foreground), assistant professor of materials science and engineering, and his research team use an interdisciplinary approach to tackle a wide range of challenges in materials science

Nanostructures and Lego® Bricks

Advancing technology through practical and radical materials science Materials science, chemistry, physics and life. These are the driving forces behind the research in Ludovico Cademartiri’s laboratory at Iowa State. Cademartiri, assistant professor of materials science and engineering and associate scientist with the U.S. Department of Energy Ames Laboratory, says he and his graduate students work … Continue reading Nanostructures and Lego® Bricks

Surya Mallapragada, Carol Vohs Johnson Chair in Chemical and Biological Engineering

Engineering better health

Polymeric biomaterials combined with nanoscale delivery devices can improve preventative medicine Surya Mallapragada knows the value an engineering perspective can add to advancing the biomedical field. For years, Mallapragada, the Carol Vohs Johnson Chair in Chemical and Biological Engineering, has been researching the best ways to synthesize copolymers and nanoscale delivery devices to treat illnesses. … Continue reading Engineering better health

Tom Schnieders and Rick Stone

ATHENA Lab augments human capabilities

Engineering ideas and technologies enhance human performance, preserve safety and quality of life Developing telerobotics control systems, applying biomechanics for improved sports performance, creating visualization tools that improve battle space awareness. These projects and more are going on within the Augmentation and Training of Humans with Engineering in North America Lab. The lab, known as … Continue reading ATHENA Lab augments human capabilities

Multiphase flow science

Leadership in multiphase flow discovery, education and practice

A cohesive group of researchers at Iowa State has joined together to accelerate discoveries in multiphase flow science and their transfer to industry. The group known as CoMFRE initially started out in 2002 as an informal way for faculty to share insights about related research projects. Now, the team is more formally organized with a … Continue reading Leadership in multiphase flow discovery, education and practice

nanoscale materials

New heights for materials science

With his plans to develop an open-source manufacturing platform, Peter Collins is determined to make additive manufacturing a mainstream technology. Collins, who is an associate professor in materials science and engineering, says the advantages of additive manufacturing—using fewer resources, improving material performance and creating one-of-a-kind products—can be a game changer for manufacturers of all sizes. … Continue reading New heights for materials science

More data, more vulnerabilities

Protecting and securing data takes on many forms at Iowa State, where researchers in electrical and computer engineering are tackling big threats in the digital world: detecting malware on apps, improving online privacy and eliminating insider threats. Mathematical abstraction and software reasoning Suraj Kothari, Richardson Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, mixes theoretical ideas and … Continue reading More data, more vulnerabilities


Engineers, elementary educators and future teachers partner to teach STEM

At Iowa State, integrating engineering into K-12 classrooms is a collaborative effort that spans across campus and into surrounding school districts. Trinect, a program funded by the National Science Foundation STEM-C Partnerships, brings together three groups to introduce engineering concepts to young students: engineering graduate students, preservice teacher students and cooperating elementary teachers from Des … Continue reading Engineers, elementary educators and future teachers partner to teach STEM

Matt Darr

Market-ready solutions

Advanced ag machinery technology developed at ISU transfers to industry Matthew Darr’s research group strives to make an impact that extends knowledge and scientific development to the marketplace. “Seeing our results ported out to the public sector where we’re able to help agricultural producers with intelligent technologies — that’s our ‘why,’” he says. Darr, an … Continue reading Market-ready solutions

Ran Dai and student team

Power management in smart robots

Designing solar-powered vehicles for long-duration, high-efficiency missions Using renewable energy to power aerial and ground vehicles could change the way we handle aspects of environmental monitoring, search and rescue missions, surveillance, and agricultural practices. To navigate these sorts of dynamic environments, Ran Dai, an assistant professor in aerospace engineering and Black and Veatch Faculty Fellow, … Continue reading Power management in smart robots

Soil and water samples illuminate antibiotic resistance

Studies of manure application reveal antibiotic resistance movement While using manure as an organic source of fertilizer has helped the agricultural industry maintain balance in integrated crop and livestock systems, there is some risk the manure contains bacteria that may contaminate water bodies if transported off the field by rain. Michelle Soupir, an associate professor … Continue reading Soil and water samples illuminate antibiotic resistance