Panthani, Matthew

Matthew Panthani image

Associate Professor, Herbert L. Stiles Faculty Fellow in Chemical Engineering

External Faculty | CBE Professors Chemical and Biological Engineering | Advanced materials computing Data Analytics and Machine Learning Data Science Electronic Materials Energy Efficiency Materials Characterization Materials chemistry Nanomaterials photonics Renewable Energy and Sustainability Self-Assembly Solar Energy Structure-property relationships

Hu, Guiping

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Associate Professor
Associate Chair
Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering

External Faculty | IMSE Faculty Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering | Big Data Bioinformatics Informatics Big Data Data Analytics Data Analytics and Machine Learning Data Science Decision making with big data Manufacturing production systems Mathematical programming Operational planning Operations research

Chandra, Abhijit

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Mechanical Engineering

External Faculty | ME Faculty Mechanical Engineering | Boundary Element methods Data Science Manufacturing Mechanics Mechanics of manufacturing processes Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Modeling Nano-scale surface modification Renewable Energy