Macken, Jenny

Jenny Macken image Study Abroad and Academic Advisor [BUSUP]
Staff | Business Undergraduate Program Computer Science Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration Sociology Sociology - LAS Study Abroad Center

Hogben, Leslie

Leslie Hogben image


Faculty | ECpE Courtesy Appointments Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration Mathematics

Franz, Kristie

Kristie Franz image Professor and Department Chair of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences [GE AT]

Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (courtesy)

Faculty | CCEE Adjunct and Courtesy Civil Construction and Environmental Engineering Geological And Atmospheric Sciences Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration | Hydrology Water resources Watershed modeling

Noack, Benjamin

Benjamin Noack image Academic Advisor II [LASAS]

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Staff | Ecology Evolution & Organismal Biol Ecology Evolution & Organismal Biol-LAS Liberal Arts & Sci Student Academic Srv Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration School Of Education

Brown, Barbara

Barbara Brown image Grants Specialist II [LAS]

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Staff | Division Of Finance Finance Delivery Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration

Tyagi, Akhilesh

Akhilesh Tyagi image

Professor and Director of Software Engineering Program

Faculty | ECpE Faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration SE Faculty Software Engineering | Computer architecture Embedded systems Hardware Security Mobile Computing VLSI