Welcome! We’re excited to see you at our events this Spring!

Our big events for the Spring will be during National Engineers’ Week!

Engineers’ Week is a student organization in the College of Engineering at Iowa State University. Dedicated to providing educational and social programming supporting student professional skill development, student/faculty engagement, and social opportunities to increase student interactions across 15 academic engineering majors.  Programming is offered fall and spring semesters, culminating with National Engineers Week each spring, held traditionally in February.   An executive team of 18 students coordinates planning annually, with numerous student volunteers assisting with annual program delivery. 

Buttons for Button Lunches are sold out!!

Please pick up your buttons at an Engineers’ Week table at the below times and locations from 10am-2pm.

Monday 2/12 – SIC atrium

Tuesday 2/13 – Hoover Hall

Wednesday 2/14 – Marston Hall (second floor)

Thursday 2/15 – Howe Hall Atrium

Friday 2/16 – SIC atrium


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