Frequently Asked Questions

Why ELE?
•    Why did this program begin?
•    What makes ELE different from the University Honors program?
•    What is the goal of ELE?
•    What are the requirements of being in this club?
•    How will ELE prepare me for the future?

Why did this program begin?
The problems we face in the world today are becoming more technical in nature and, as the technical community works to develop and implement solutions for tomorrow, the need for a new caliber of engineer has arisen. The Iowa State College of Engineering and its students have recognized that the engineer of the future needs strong leadership skills to complement the outstanding engineering skills and knowledge students acquire during their education. These skills will better prepare them for leadership and collaborative roles in their professional careers. The College of Engineering launched ELE to help develop exceptional leadership skills among its undergraduates.

What makes ELE different from the University Honors program?
The difference between ELE and the Honors Program is evident in each organization’s respective mission statements. The Honors Program promotes an enriched academic environment for students interested in taking advantage of intellectual opportunities and challenges, whereas, ELE focuses on developing leadership skills and understanding how to use them to make the world a better place. The Honors Program encourages a challenging academic path accompanied by research with leadership development as a secondary emphasis. ELE emphasizes individualized leadership development with special academic opportunities and research as a secondary element. Participation in both programs is possible and often encouraged.

What is the goal of ELE?
The mission of the Emerging Leaders in Engineering is to create an environment for the leaders of tomorrow to realize their full potential and to recognize the responsibility to make the world a better place.

What are the requirements for being in this club?
Emerging Leaders in Engineering is directed toward engineering students with an interest in developing their leadership skills.  The organization is open to all students at Iowa State.  Membership requirements include regular attendance of club meetings, participation in annual events (e.g. Annual Leadership Retreat), and engagement in organization development.

How will ELE prepare me for the future?
The skills and experiences gained through ELE are beneficial to all students, regardless of their career path. A graduate from ELE will enter industry with a skill set and mindset to be a leader in their industry and community. Through participation in the leadership certificate program and in ELE, general leadership resources in the form of seminars, courses, and retreats are available, but each ELE member guides the course of his/her own leadership development. In this way, a student who plans to enter either industry, management or graduate studies can choose to pursue specific leadership development opportunities in order to prepare them for the future.