Biosciences and Engineering

biosciences and engineering

Building the interface between engineering and the life sciences

The scale and complexity of today's biomedical research problems increasingly demand that scientists move beyond the confines of their own discipline and explore new organizational models for team science.

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Critical Infrastructure

Science after natural and man-made disasters

Our recent response and recovery experience after disasters has provided a recurring lesson in the critical value of a suitably conceived and appropriately implemented engineering response for remediation and rapid recovery of our critical infrastructure systems after extreme events. Also, preparing for such events to mitigate their impact is important.

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Energy Sciences and Technology

Engineering for energy systems

Energy production, sustainable energy, and energy storage and distribution are critical engineering technologies.

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Information and Decision Sciences

information and decision sciences

Data Deluge, Knowledge Discovery & Cyber Infrastructure

Technology that has emerged in the last decade has made possible processing, manipulating, storing and transfer of large data sets inexpensive and fast. At the same time, the wireless technology together with the sensor and actuator technology have led to significant increase in functionality and flexibility in terms of mobility and ubiquitous connectivity.

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Engineering the Environmental and Social Impact of Technology

As human populations continue to grow, it is increasingly challenging to provide humans with the basic necessities of life - e.g., food, clean water, and clean air - while providing technological societies with the energy and carbon supplies necessary to achieve their material standards of living.

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