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    Iowa State University
    3215 Coover Hall
    Ames, IA 50011
    Phone: 515-294-7975
    Email: ugvaidya at

Lyapunov measure for Vanderpol oscillator

Critical interaction in power networks

Optimal # of neighbors in stochastic network

Research Interests

    Networked Dynamical System: Fundamental limitations in control and estimation of large scale network with uncertainty, tradeoffs between robustness and fragility, Information flow in networks, Vulnerability analysis of networks, Global instability in networks.
    Spectral Methods in Dynamics and Control: Operator theoretic methods for stability analysis and control, Computation methods in control, Operator theoretic methods for optimal placement of sensors and actuators, Motion planning and navigation.
    Future Power Grid: Real-time monitoring and control of power grid using Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), Stability problems with the integration of renewable generations and demand response, Grid synchronization under uncertainty, Health monitoring of wind turbine blades.
    Aero-structure Systems: Freeplay induced flutter instability, Flutter instability for energy harvesting, Energy/information flow in aero-structure interaction systems, Spectral methods for structure life cycle analysis.
    Cyber-Security: Cyber security of electric power grid, Attack modeling, Mitigation strategy, Vulnerability analysis and performance degradation to coordinated attacks, Identifying critical links for performance degradation in networks.