• Cost?

In general, it depends where you go.  But there are three types of programs, Exchange, Regents/Semester-in, and Summer Programs.  With exchange programs you pay ISU tuition and fees, and the living expenses of the country you’re visiting.  For Regents/Semester-in Programs you pay a flat fee that covers tuition and sometimes housing. The cost of summer programs varies between programs.

  • Scholarships/financial aid?

Contact Tara Joyce (tjoyce@iastate.edu) in the Student Financial Aid Office in 0210 Beardshear.  Since everyone’s financial aid package is different, Tara can give you individualized answers.  Check ISUAbroad and the Engineering International Engagement website for more Scholarship options.

  • Where can I go?

There are over 30 engineering specific options available and additional options coordinated through Iowa State University. Program options and details can be found in ISUAbroad You can go nearly anywhere in the world!

  • I don’t speak a foreign language.  Can I still study abroad?

Yes, there are many programs in which you can study in English such as: Singapore, Turkey, Denmark, Holland, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, England, Taiwan and more.  Many summer programs are taught in English including options in China, Spain, Germany, France, and Taiwan.

  • When is the best time to go?

Start planning your adventure today!  You can travel abroad as early as the summer after your freshman year!!  You choose the time works best for you.  Take a close look at the program, because semesters don’t always start and end at the same time as those at ISU.  As a result, more students typically study abroad during the spring semester.  You’ll also want to work with your academic adviser to select a semester that works with your academic plan.

  • What classes can I take?

It depends on where you are going and what you need, but you can usually take courses similar to the ones you would take at ISU.  Most students choose to take the equivalent of 12 credits when participating in a semester program.  This allows time for traveling, experiencing the culture, and having fun!

  • Will I get behind?

The College of Engineering develops exchange partnerships with international universities who have strong engineering programs.  If you select a College of Engineering program, you should be able to take classes and receive transfer credit at ISU (see the Engineering International Engagement Web site).

  • How can I learn more?

  1. Schedule an appointment with us in 112 Marston or e-mail us at: eip@iastate.edu
  2. Contact the Program Coordinator, listed on the website, to learn more about a specific program

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Fast Facts

Many study abroad programs are English-speaking!
We have international internship opportunities!
Employers are looking for students with international experiences!
You can study abroad and graduate on time!
You can save money by studying abroad!