Philanthropy jump-starts research innovation

Frank Peters, third from left, an associate professor, was recently named to the C. G. “Turk” and Joyce A. Therkildsen Professorship in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems EngineeringMore than 50 named professors and chair positions

“Philanthropy propels early-stage, innovative research at Iowa State, making discoveries possible that simply wouldn’t have happened without donors’ gifts,” said Sarah Rajala, James L. and Katherine S. Melsa Dean of Engineering. “The outstanding level of support from our donors also helps us attract the best faculty to work on groundbreaking research questions and train the next generation of researchers.”

The College of Engineering has more than 50 named professors and chair positions, supporting faculty who are conducting research in life-improving areas from renewable energy to fighting disease to cybersecurity.

“Donors to the College of Engineering are incredibly committed to making a difference, and they are making an investment in a better future for us all by supporting faculty at Iowa State,” said Rajala.

In this issue, you can read more about the pioneering research conducted by faculty supported by philanthropy. Learn more on page 4 about our National Science Foundation CAREER winners, many of whom have been supported by Black & Veatch Building a World of Difference Faculty Fellowships in Engineering. And on page 10, see how Robert Brown, Gary and Donna Hoover Chair in Mechanical Engineering, is leading the nation in biorenewables processing research.