Ivy Yuan

Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems

Keywords: Non-rational, subconscious processes, neurophysiology, social media, electronic commerce

My research interest is the impact of non-rational cognition on individuals’ communication, behavior, and decision making in computer mediated environments. My research has focused on how non-rational cognition has influenced these behaviors. The methodologies I have applied in my current research include lab experiment (behavioral and psychophysiological experiment), survey, and secondary data analysis. For instance, my research papers, Trading on Twitter: The Financial Information Content of Emotion in Social Media and The Happiness Premium: The Impact of Emotion on Individuals’ Willingness to Pay in Online Auctions, focused on the impact of emotion on individual behavior using Twitter data.  Another research paper, Understanding the impact of anthropomorphism on consumer’s willingness to pay in the context of online auctions, investigates the impact of anthropomorphism on non-rational cognition and its impact on online shopping behavior. Notably, while all my papers are related to Information System discipline, their theoretical foundations are deeply rooted in psychology, sociology, and neurophysiology research.

Email: lyuan at iastate.edu, Phone: 4-3659