Drew Zhang

Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems

Keywords: Business analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, search engines

I am a computer scientist working in the technical domain of information systems. The aspiration of my research is to conquer the “information overload” problem, and the key technical challenge is to extract knowledge from unstructured data sources (particularly text). More specifically, the crux of my research is at the intersection of information retrieval and search engines (IRSE), text mining or natural language processing (TM/NLP), and applied machine learning (AML). Ultimately, these three themes converge under my long-term career goal: to build intelligent information systems (in particular business intelligence systems) that can naturally interact with users through intuitive interfaces (e.g., human-like languages or gestures) and can adapt to different situations (e.g., user interest/profile, location, interaction history, etc.) through (machine) learning.

Email: zhuzhang at iastate.edu, Phone: 4-7433