Chinmay Hegde

Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Keywords: Algorithms, big data analytics, machine learning, imaging, optimization.

My research involves developing new methods for massive data acquisition and analysis at the algorithmic level. Specifically, I am interested in design and analysis of algorithms for acquiring, storing, and extracting actionable information from massive datasets.

My algorithmic work spans optimization, statistics, and machine learning. From a foundational standpoint, I am interested in understanding the fundamental limits of algorithmic techniques in terms of both their statistical and computational performance.

My primary application areas are in imaging and computer vision, particularly in the domains of biomedical imaging, computational photography, and tomographic imaging. Additional applications of my work (via ongoing collaborations with domain experts) include designing large-scale recommender systems; prognostics and health management of electrical systems; efficient phenotyping for agronomy; traffic incident management; and materials informatics.

Anyone who is interested in operations research/machine learning/optimization/business analytics would be a good fit with my research.

Email: chinmay at, Phone: 4-6291