Johanna Amaya

Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems

Keywords: Disaster response logistics, response operations and policy recommendations, mathematical programming, impacts of freight polices, survey design and analysis of panel data

Ms. Amaya is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems in the College of Business. She received her B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering in Colombia. She got a M.Sc. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, from University of Florida and completed her PhD. in Transportation Engineering at RPI. Her research interests are in the areas of disaster response logistics and urban freight transportation. She has several publications in such areas and has been part of diverse research projects and committees.  She has experience in writing proposals and reports for NSF, NCFRP, UTCs, USAID, and the World Bank among others.

Areas of Research

  • Disaster response logistics (DRL): DRL response operations and policy recommendations
    1. The research focuses on understanding the complexity of disaster situations and the requirements of the supply chain to respond. I have conducted research and field work following recent disasters such as Hurricane Sandy and the earthquakes that devastated Nepal in 2015 and Ecuador in 2016. Data sources include: Interviews, GIS maps, News, Relief Agencies data about resources distributed, etc.
    2. Modeling: Mathematical programming to model relief distribution after disasters with assumptions and constraints identified from field work. Based on results and different scenarios, policies are proposed to relief agencies.
  • Urban freight transportation systems, my work has concentrated on evaluating sustainable initiatives to mitigate the negative impacts of the freight activity.
    1. Analysis of potential impacts of freight policies such as: parking regulations, delivery bans or restrictions, demand management and receivers’ behavior, among others
    2. Modeling: Survey design and analysis of panel data to identify key aspects generating certain behaviors. Use of discrete choice models and regression analysis.

Email: amayaj at, Phone: 4-8296