Adarsh Krishnamurthy

Dept: Mechanical Engineering

Keywords: Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Cardiovascular Biomechanics, Computational Mechanics, GPU and Parallel Computing, Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Evaluation

Dr. Krishnamurthy has been working on developing new tools that can accelerate modeling and simulations. The overarching goal of his research is the advancement of the state of the art in design and translational medicine with the help of computational modeling and interactive analysis tools for computer-aided design and cardiac biomechanics. This includes developing new methods for multiscale simulations and parallel algorithms that take advantage of modern hardware, such as Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), to improve the performance of simulations. Part of his research focuses on computational modeling of heart failure, where identifying patients who will best respond to a particular therapeutic intervention is difficult. Computational models, developed from patient-specific clinical data, can help refine the diagnosis and personalize heart failure intervention therapies. His research has recently been used to ascertain a possible mechanism for improvement due to cardiac resynchronization therapy, which uses implantable pacemakers to synchronize ventricular function, for the first time. This preliminary investigation suggests the possibility of extracting important diagnostic information from clinical measurements using computational models.



Email: adarsh at, Phone: 4-5568