Center for Plant Transformation

The Center for Plant Transformation (CPT) was designed to promote research advancements and foster research and training collaborations among its members. The CPT strives to develop, adapt, and/or evaluate novel technologies for plant transformation and gene expression and to teach and train students, postdoctoral scientists, and technical staff in transformation and gene expression technologies.

Goals of the Center for Plant Transformation are:  (1) to develop more efficient methods for producing transgenic plants that will be safe for human health and the environment; (2) to develop gene expression technologies to ensure that transgenes are stably expressed in the desired parts of plants and under the correct conditions and (3) to provide technical expertise for scientists in areas of plant genetics, genomics, and transgenic researches.

The Plant Transformation Facility (PTF) of the CPT provides maize, rice, and soybean transformation services in support of hypothesis-driven plant biology research projects.

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