Men of Color in Engineering

The Men of Color in Engineering program focuses on the success and retention of male engineering students with an emphasis on African American scholars. This program is aimed at building a support network through relationships on and off campus, within professional student organizations, and the business sector. Participants will engage in various academic, professional, and social success and retention programs.

  • Purpose:

    • To facilitate student success by promoting positive learning inside and outside of the classroom.  To connect students to resources while assisting them in clarifying educational, career, and personal goals.  Through these efforts we aspire to enhance the educational experience of students.
  • Outcomes:

    • Students will develop cross-cultural competence.
    • Students will continue to prepare for the real world, by engaging with diverse individuals.
    • Students will build relationships with peers, faculty, staff, and industry professionals.
  • Topics:

    • Multicultural Students succeeding academically-  The last meeting focused on the art of succeeding  the classroom and in the business sector. In addition, We discussed and shared avenues of obtaining success inside and outside of the classroom with a formula that captures completing daily tasks as a Multicultural individual. 
    • We had the pleasure and opportunity to have several of Iowa State University College of Engineering seniors share mechanisms that were important factors that contributed to their success.
    • The next meeting  we will focus on what the proper steps or options to take following “the interview,” recognize engineers in their final year, discuss recent cultural awareness-based posters distributed on our campus, and the role that each of us play in our political climate.




APEX for Engineers (APEXE)
8-Week Academic and Transition Program

LEAD Learning Community Activities

Study Tables
2nd Floor Marston Hall (North Study Space)
6-8pm Sunday thru Thursday
*facilitated by peer mentors and student organizations

LEAD Learning Community Seminar
Fridays, Fall 2020

Fridays, Spring 2021