How to Apply

Where to apply

Step 1: Apply to and receive an admission offer from Iowa State University

Step 2: Complete the Kiewit Scholar application in OneApp. As you begin your application process consider the following information…

The construction and design engineering industry is a very challenging, rewarding, and impactful professional paths for engineers to enter. Engineers focused on the built environment lead some of the world’s most complex and impactful projects including infrastructure projects including transportation, power, energy, water/wastewater, mining, industrial facilities and large-scale buildings that serve the needs of people, connect communities, and further development of the society and world we live in. Modern practice involves engineering that seamlessly transitions from conception to design to construction to completion. The engineering and construction field has numerous opportunities to work on projects of every size and market with degrees from virtually every discipline of engineering at Iowa State University. You can learn more about the market opportunities and careers at:

Details about the Kiewit Scholars Program (KSP) may be found at:

If this field fits your career goals and you would like to be considered for the Kiewit Scholars Program, submit responses to the following 4 questions. Be sure to thoroughly answer each question regardless of responses provided elsewhere in the OneApp system. Students will be evaluated only on responses provided to these questions. (Your prepared responses can be copied and pasted into OneApp during the application process.)

1. Describe an event or circumstance when you had to overcome adversity in your life and explain how this has helped your personal and professional growth.

2. Identify 1 or 2 activities and explain how your role with these actively developed your leadership skills and abilities, including a time when you’ve successfully demonstrated them in a team setting. How do you believe this will correlate to your future career path you are choosing?

3. Provide examples where you expect to make contributions and impact through Design and Construction focused Engineering for the built environment with your degree following graduation.

4. Describe how your commitment and involvement in the Kiewit Scholars program, and active participation in weekly programming centered around leadership, teamwork, and professionalism, will enhance your engineering education, career outlook and help further the construction and design industry.

Eligible Majors

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Undeclared Engineering (incoming freshmen only)

Application Timeline

Incoming Freshmen

  • September 15 – application opens
  • January 10 – application closes
  • February 1 – scholarship offers made
  • February 6 – Financial Aid award notifications

Current Students

  • November 1 – application opens
  • March 1 – application closes
  • May 17 – scholarship offers made
  • May 22 – Financial Aid award notifications


January 10, 2023
Incoming freshmen

March 1, 2023
Current or transfer students with at least four semesters remaining