Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

IMSE graduate studentContact:
Iris Rivero, Director of Graduate Education
Lori Bushore, Graduate Secretary, IMSE
Holly Twedt, Graduate Secretary, Systems Engineering & Engineering Management
3004 Black Engineering
515 294-0129


We offer an opportunity to develop the skills that will help you become an engineering leader in the 21st century. Learn advanced concepts, theories, and formal methods that will help you develop your design and decision-making skills in the context of engineering complex systems. Your research will give you experience with modern computational methods and laboratory experience in manufacturing and human factors.  Most importantly, you’ll learn to solve complex engineering problems involving people, hardware, and software.

Areas of Specialization

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Ergonomics/Human factors engineering
  • Information engineering
  • Operations research
  • Human-computer interaction (interdepartmental)
  • Information assurance (interdepartmental, MS only)
  • Systems engineering (interdepartmental, MEngr only)\

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