High School Educators

High school courses leading to strong preparation for engineering include:

Math: algebra, trigonometry/pre-calculus, calculus series (note: statistics is less helpful for engineering preparation)
Science: chemistry, physics, biology
World language requirement:

  • two years of a single world language in high school (such as Spanish 1 and 2)
  • …OR… two semesters of a single world language in college (such as 101 and 102)
General Education: If high school students are pursuing college-credit general education courses, it is important to choose strategically due to specific requirements and limitations for credit in engineering programs. Refer to our AP and Community College course lists in the tab below for recommendations.

Project Lead the Way (PLTW): Learn more about how college credits are accepted at ISU on the Project Lead the Way FAQ webpage.

Community College Course Resources

  • Applicable community college courses can be found on our Engineering Transfer Plans
    • All college courses will need to be completed with a minimum grade of “C” in order to be considered for transfer credit into the College of Engineering
Advanced Placement (AP) Recommendations Specific AP course/exam recommendations for credit meeting engineering program requirements:

AP Exam Score ISU Courses Credits
Calculus AB 4-5 Math 165 (Calculus I) 4
Calculus BC 3 Math 165 (Calculus I) 4
Calculus BC 4-5 Math 165, 166 (Calculus I and II) 8
Chemistry 4-5 Chemistry 177, 178 7*
*Chemistry lab notebooks must be reviewed when student begins classes at Iowa State in order to confirm additional lab credit
English Language 3-5 English 150 3
English Literature 4-5 English 150 3
Physics C-Mechanics 4-5 Physics 221 (Classical Physics I) 5
Physics C-E&M 4-5 Physics 222 (Classical Physics II) 5
Computer Science A 5 Computer Science 227+ 4
+Only three engineering majors require this course: computer engineering, cyber security engineering and software engineering

Additional AP course/exam recommendations for general education credits readily accepted in engineering programs:

AP Exam Score ISU Courses Credits
Microeconomics 3-5 Economics 101 3
or Macroeconomics 3-5 Economics 102 3
US Government 3-5 Political Science 215 3
or Comparative Government 3-5 Political Science 241 3
Psychology 4-5 Psychology 101 3

Complete list of AP and IB courses accepted by Iowa State University

Why Iowa State Engineering?

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