Asking for Additional Time or an Accelerated Offer Timeline

It is very common for students to receive multiple interviews on various timelines. Every company has a different timeline for scheduling interviews and responding after interviews. Occasionally, you will receive an offer from one company while still waiting on another company.  After employers extend an offer of employment, they generally request an answer within a specific time period.  College of Engineering policy encourages employers to provide students with at least two weeks to consider an offer.  Most employers are aware of this policy, but some may not be and they may ask for a decision in less time.  You should provide a response as soon as you are certain of your answer so the employer can continue with their staffing plans.   If you need more time before making a decision, do not hesitate to ask for it.  Employers understand that this is a big decision and they want you to be comfortable with your decision.  You may need more time because you are waiting for an offer from a preferred company, or need to consult with family or Engineering Career Services about the offer.  Companies will usually accommodate your request because they have invested significant time and money in identifying you as the best candidate and will not want to lose you.  If their schedule will not allow for a delay, they will tell you.

The worst thing that you can do is accept a position and then change your mind.  When you tell an employer that you accept the offer they will inform other candidates that they were not selected for the position.  If you renege, you may have also caused them to miss an opportunity to hire one or more other well-qualified candidates.  Reneging on an offer is a bad reflection on you and on ISU.

If you are struggling to make a decision or are feeling pressured by a company to make a quick decision, please make an appointment with Engineering Career Services.  We know how important this decision is to you and will help you evaluate your options. Below you will find examples of ways to ask an employer for more time to consider an offer. Also below is an example of how to ask an employer for an accelerated offer timeline if you have a strict deadline to respond to another offer.

Examples of how to ask for more time and examples of how to ask for an accelerated offer timeline can be found in Canvas.