Learn and Improve from Each Interview

It is important to view each interview as a learning experience and use each experience to improve your skills for your next interview.

If your interview does not result in a job offer, don’t be discouraged.  Keep in mind that the employer’s decision does not reflect personally on you. Hiring decisions are often complicated and based on many factors.  You may have interviewed very well, but another candidate may have had a particular skill that the employer wanted to utilize.

Protocol if not Given an Offer

  • Thank the person for considering you. Always be polite because you never know when you might work with this person or company in the future.
  • Ask the person you interviewed with if they have any feedback or advice for future interviews.
  • Ask if there are other positions in the company that would be a good fit. The position that you applied for may not be a perfect fit, but there might be a different position that you meet the qualifications for.

Sample Dialogue:

“Thank you for considering me for XYZ position. I am disappointed to hear the news, but do you have any advice for me for future interviews? Also, are there any other positions within your company that you would encourage me to apply for?”

Graphic depicts the Continuous Improvement Process. Set goal, try, reflect on experience, observe results. If goal is met then you're finished. If goal is met, collect feedback and make adjustments so you can try again (process starts over).