LinkedIn Profile Best Practices

Developing a great profile is the core of your LinkedIn presence and the most important part of your account to develop and maintain.  You should invest as much time and thoughtfulness on this as you do your engineering resume.  Throughout each area of the profile you should consider skills-based work impact statements that show your technical and professional skill set.  LinkedIn is programmed to help you connect with people, groups, companies, and jobs that match closely to the experiences, traits, skills, and resources that you list in your profile.  The more detailed and descriptive your profile is, the more LinkedIn will find you targeted connections.  Areas of the LinkedIn profile and best practices for developing them:

Professional Photo
Volunteer Experience & Causes
Skills & Expertise
Honors & Awards

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Step 1: Understanding Employers and the College Recruiting Process

    -Maintain a Positive Attitude

Step 2: Determine Career Goals and Skillset

Step 3: Identify Preliminary Target Employers and Industries

Step 4: Develop Effective Marketing Materials

Step 5: Search for Specific Employment and Research Target Companies