Searching for Jobs through LinkedIn

Once you complete a profile and start building your network of contacts, it is time for you to begin actively using LinkedIn’s job search tools.  LinkedIn’s programming will also automatically start recommending jobs, companies, and connections that may interest you. Pay attention to these in case your active searches miss an important opportunity.

This ‘Jobs’ section of LinkedIn has two main tools to assist those seeking employment.  The first is the search box located near the top of the page.  This functions very similarly to other job search sites, and allows you to search by specific key words in addition to location. The second tool is right below the search box and titled, “Recommended for you.” These are separated into two categories based on: 1) previous positions your have viewed, and 2) your profile and career interests. You can update your preferences by clicking the ‘Update Career Interests’ page. Within this area, you can choose to ‘let recruiters know you’re open’. This will indicate to potential employers that you are actively seeking a new position.

Whenever LinkedIn provides you a suggestion or you do a search you will have the opportunity to apply for positions, follow companies, and save jobs that interest you.  Many companies utilize LinkedIn to see who has followed them and who has applied to positions.  By actively following companies, setting preferences for certain locations or industries, and by connecting with employees, you are creating opportunities for companies to also find you.

While LinkedIn is a great way to search for open positions, there are multiple other resources available as well. See our page on Searching for Specific Employment Opportunities for more information.