How to Communicate and Network on LinkedIn

This is a social media site that is primarily used for business purposes. Therefore, your communications and connections should be professional yet authentic to your style.  Think about how you interact with professors, advisors, project peers, and recruiters, and then translate that style into LinkedIn.  Be proactive with LinkedIn and use its tools to portray a positive and active professional persona.  Recruiters and peers prefer to connect with people who are positive, thoughtful, and productive.  When you are building your profile, connecting, or posting you should consider the acronym “OCEAN” to understand how communications and actions can show your personality.


Openness – Show your flexibility, creativity, adventure.
Conscientiousness – Show your principled actions and detail orientation.
Extraversion – Display positivity and willingness to maintain a large network.
Agreeableness – Show your concern for others, harmony, and team productivity.
Neuroticism – Display emotional stability and good stress management.


Other LinkedIn Communication & Networking Tips

Being purposeful and thoughtful with your communications in all areas of LinkedIn is important but here are some targeted tips for networking or communicating in certain areas of LinkedIn:

Tailor your connection message
Use your account and be responsive
Keep it professional and to the point
Be generous in your time and thank your network
Join LinkedIn groups related to your network
Ask your professional contacts for advice, not jobs
Connect with HR managers


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