Resume Building for Engineering Students

An effective resume is your ticket to an interview. Image is a student handing a resume to an employer at the career fair.

Your resume is a very important document that is used to apply for all engineering co-ops, internships, and post-graduation jobs.  It is essential that you create and maintain a quality resume that represents your qualifications for professional positions.

A well-crafted resume showcases communication skills and presents the carefully-selected information that indicates you possess the education, skills, experiences, and interests that will benefit the company.  The best practices for developing an effective resume offered in this section come from experienced career services professionals who have reviewed thousands of resumes, as well as feedback from hundreds of top-level industry recruiters.

It is important to understand that there are no “perfect” resumes, but there are effective and ineffective resumes.

Every person writes differently and every reader uses his/her custom lens of preferences to view your resume.  The advice offered in this section is meant to generate broad appeal to many employers.