Student FAQs

Engineering Career Services supports current students and alumni in many ways. A few of these services include holding two of the nation’s largest career fairs each year, coordinating 1000s of on-campus interviews each semester, managing the college’s experiential education (internship/co-op) program, presenting dozens of seminars each semester, meeting individual with students for career advising appointments, and managing the CyHire system. An overview of all services provided can be found on the main Students page.

Please schedule an appointment using your CyHire account. Simply click on the ‘Request an Advising Appointment’ link under SHORTCUTS on your home page. We look forward to meeting with you! Also see the 10-step Student Guide to Employment.


Yes! You may take a semester off or compete a summer internship.  You can maintain your full-time student status without paying tuition by registering for an R credit class through Engineering Career Services. Taking a semester off allows you more time to complete projects and develop skills compared to just a 10 week period in the summer. For more information, please see the Experiential Education page.

Yes! There are many benefits to registering your internship or co-op highlighted on the Experiential Education page. The three easy-to-complete assignments help to ensure that you have a good work/learning experience. You can easily register your internship through CyPoint here:

Yes, employers expect to see a cumulative GPA and if they don’t see one they may assume it is lower than it actually is.

Your resume should always focus on your strengths and transferable skills. Advice specific to students with low GPAs can be found here.

Military experience provides many opportunities to develop skills, traits, and knowledge that civilian employers highly value. Try to present a complete picture of yourself including both technical skills and professional skills such as teamwork, leadership, and problem solving, and keep the terminology civilian friendly. More information for veterans can be found here.

It is important to include work experience on your resume whether it is engineering-related or not. If you do not have any work experience, consider including activities you are involved with, or a course projects section. You can treat these sections similarly to work experience, in that you want to highlight the tasks you performed, the skills you used, and the impact of your work. See more information on building your resume here.

Approximately 13% of ISU engineers decide to pursue graduate school. Please see our Pursuing Graduate School pages for help in the graduate school application process.

Start with a smile, eye contact, and a firm handshake. You will deliver your elevator speech and then give them your resume. At a minimum, you should introduce yourself, your interests, and a few of your relevant strengths/skills in your elevator speech and then ask them to please review your resume. Please see our additional information on elevator speeches and preparing for the career fair.

Approximately two weeks before the career fair, you can find maps under the ‘Resources’ tab of your CyHire account and in the MyState app under the Fairs section. Also note that you can see a complete listing of employers, along with profile information, under the ‘Events’ tab. View the Career Fair Advice page for more tips.

We attempt to collect a business card from those who attended the career fair and/or conducted on-campus interviews. Binders containing the business cards are kept in the student waiting area (Room 4562) of the Engineering Career Services offices on the 3rd floor of Marston Hall. You can access the information between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

You can find a list of employers interested in speaking to international students at the career fair through your CyHire account:

  • Select the Engineering Career Fair under the ‘Events’ section in CyHire
  • Click on ‘Advanced Search’ and select the appropriate job type under ‘International Student Hiring’
  • Click ‘Submit’

Frequently Asked Questions About CyHire

CyHire is the primary online tool that ISU engineering students should use to identify job opportunities, submit resumes for consideration, and arrange interviews.  All professional employment opportunities (full-time and internships) being recruited for on the ISU campus should be in CyHire.  The system also contains information about employers and has a search agent that will regularly email job seekers with information about job postings that meet a customizable search criteria.

Each Iowa State student has an account automatically created for them. During the first week of classes, Engineering Career Services ( will send you an email containing your login information. Go to and use your ISU login information.

Please make sure you are using to log in.  If you forgot your password, please click ‘Forgot password’. You will then receive an email with a new/temporary password.

CyHire makes it very easy for job seekers to submit their resumes to employers and it makes it easy for employers to collect and review resumes.  For many job opportunities, you must apply for the position by submitting your resume using CyHire.

Before you upload your resume, make sure you have prepared a resume that is likely to lead to an interview.  Review our information on best practices for preparing an effective resume.  You can also make an appointment with career services to get advice on your resume.

Steps for uploading a resume

  • Save your resume as a PDF before uploading to CyHire to avoid delays due to document conversion.
  • Click on the My Documents tab
  • Click Add New
  • Type a label. Recommendation for the label: Full Name_MonthYear (Example: Kevin Smith_November2013)
    • If using for a specific company, add the company’s name (Example: Kevin Smith_November2013_Boeing)
  • Click Choose File and select the correct file; click Submit
  • You can upload up to 30 documents

To edit a resume once it has been uploaded, you will need to make changes to the document outside of CyHire and then upload the edited version using the steps above.  If you have submitted a resume to an employer for consideration, you will need to withdraw and re-submit the resume (the same applies for other documents) in order for the employer to have the most current version.

Only career services personnel can see your information in CyHire.  Employers cannot see any of your information unless you release it to them in order to be considered for a specific position.  This includes your resume.

CyHire should be your primary tool when searching for open positions since all employers are required to post their positions in the system for Equal Employment Opportunity compliance.

To review current employment opportunities:

  • Click the Jobs tab on the sidebar
  • Use the ‘Advanced Search’ to select your Major and Position Type (either Full Time or Experiential Education)
  • Click on Search

Under the Jobs tab, click the Advanced Search option:

  • Select your major under Majors/Concentrations
  • Choose the appropriate Position Type.
  • You can also filter by:
    • Class Level
    • Location
    • Work Authorization
  • Click Submit

Tip: After searching, click on the Save this Search, and enter a title for your search to save it. You can then choose to have the system run this search a regular basis and email you the results. Simply select how often you would like to run the search under Send via email.

On the Job Postings page, click on the title of the job you wish to apply for. The left column displays the job description and the right column displays details about the application.

You will be asked to apply in one of 3 ways (indicated under HOW TO APPLY).

    1. By visiting the company’s website.
    2. By seeing the company at the career fair.
    3. By clicking the Apply button.
      • Select your resume (that you previously uploaded to CyHire) from the drop-down menu.
      • Select any other required documents (marked with an *).
      • If you would like to add a message to the employer, you can do so in the NOTES section. This is not a required field.
      • Click on Submit.

Clicking Submit means the employer will electronically receive access to your resume. Resume books are not created and employers do not browse through the system. Employers will never see your resume unless you submit it. Your action is required for the employers having access to your resume.

The terms qualifications and screening criteria are synonymous. The Profile tab contains your qualifications. Click the Academic Information sub-tab to edit your qualifications. The following five screening criteria may affect your qualification for interviews:

  • Graduation date
  • Applicant type
  • Major
  • Work authorization
  • GPA
    • NOTE: Your GPA is downloaded from the ISU Registrar and cannot be changed. A GPA from another institution is not averaged into your ISU GPA.

Tip: Keep your profile current so you don’t miss any job opportunities.

  • In the upper left-hand corner of your homepage, you will see that you have 1 Requested Interview.
  • The employer will review your resume, and if he/she invites you to interview, you will see the message, ‘[company] has invited you to an interview’ in the News Feed on your homepage.
    • Click on the link, and under Requested Interviews you will have the option to View Job and see the interview sign-up start/end date
    • To schedule or decline an interview, click on the three dots and select the desired time and then click Submit.
  • If an employer does not invite you to interview, it will state ‘Not Invited’

View Tips on Interviewing

  • On your CyHire homepage, click on Scheduled Interviews.
  • Choose the appropriate interview schedule.
  • Click the cancel interview or the reschedule tab under the Interview Details section.

Note: Employers must be provided with at least 48 hours notice when it is necessary to cancel an interview.  Please see the cancellation policy for more information.

If the start and end submission dates are the same day as the career fair, this means that the employer wants you to talk to them at the career fair in order to apply for the position.

You can withdraw your application and re-apply through CyHire. Simply click on ‘My Job Applications’ in the Jobs section. Then click on the 3 dots to the right of the appropriate job and select “Withdraw”. Please be aware of the closing date for the position, if the position has closed you will no longer be able to make changes.

Yes, you can upload an unofficial transcript to CyHire (simply copy from AccessPlus and paste into a Word document), and use this when applying for positions.

Networking is an essential part of the job search process.  Networking is simply building relationships and connecting with others to exchange information, advice, contacts, and support. In the job search process, face-to-face networking is the most effective and occurs at career fairs, information sessions, professional society meetings and other events where there is an opportunity to engage with employers. View more information about Networking.

  • The Career Fair sub-tab provides a list of all career fairs. Select the upcoming career fair to see a list of all companies that are currently planning to attend. From the Participants tab select Engineering from the drop-down menu and click Apply Search. Use the Advanced Search function to further narrow the companies.
    • Clicking the name of the company will take you to the company profile and may provide a position description along with the screening criteria.  Company profiles are great to research before attending the career fair. For more tips visit the Career Fair Advice page.
  • The Information Sessions sub-tab provides information about meetings that employers will be holding to provide information about the company that they represent.  In addition to learning more about employers, information sessions provide opportunities to meet company representatives and do a little networking. In some cases, employers may fill open slots in interview schedules through the networking that occurs at an information session.