Shout-Out Program

If you recently completed a co-op or summer internship, please consider telling your classmates about it. Each semester Engineering Career Services arranges a series of ten minute classroom presentations where students talk about their work experiences. The importance of completing a co-op or summer internship is well known, yet some students are hesitant to participate. Hearing a classmate talk about their experience sheds light on the unknown and encourages some of the reluctant students to take action.

Presentation Content
Your ten-minute presentation should involve:

1. Introducing yourself and the company where you worked. (1-2 minutes)
2. Talking about the type of work you performed and/or the projects you supported. (3-5 minutes)
3. Commenting on the professional work environment. (2-3 minutes) For example:

  • Did you work as part of a team?
  • Were you given a lot of guidance or expected to figure things out on your own?
  • Was your work reviewed?
  • Did you enjoy your experience?

4. Explaining how the internship or co-op benefited you. (2-3 minutes) For example:

  • Did it help you to understand the importance of your coursework?
  • Were you reassured that you picked the right major because you really liked the work?
  • Was confidence gained because you were able to complete assigned tasks and make a contribution to the company?

5. Answering one or two questions. (as time allows)
6. Directing students to Engineering Career Services for additional information.

NOTE: Please do not include any proprietary information in your presentation without getting prior approval from the company.


When you participate in the Shout-Out Program, you will be:

  • Helping fellow students develop a better understanding of internships/co-ops and encouraging them to participate.
  • Contributing to the College of Engineering student development efforts.
  • Helping your employer increase their name recognition on campus and this will help their future recruiting efforts.
  • Developing your group presentation skills, which are key skills that employers value and look for when evaluating candidates for full-time employment.

If you are interested in participating in the Shout-Out Program, please contact Engineering Career Services at or 515-294-9536