Supporting Career Fairs

Each semester the College of Engineering holds one or two career fairs to help students and employers connect.  In a typical year, over 500 different employers will participate in one or more of the fairs.  The employers will be hiring for full-time, co-op and internship positions.  These networking events lead to over 5,000 on-campus interviews each year, and ultimately, have a significant, positive impact on our placement rates.  Since developing networking skills and effectively marketing oneself to employers takes time and practice, it is important that all of our students participate in these events.

Here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Promote upcoming fairs and encourage attendance.
  • Encourage students to have their resumes critiqued by Engineering Career Services well before a fair.
  • Remind students to make good use of their time by researching the employers that will be attending and planning out who they will visit.
  • Avoid scheduling tests or messy lab work on the day of a fair.
  • Provide class attendance flexibility and/or allow makeup assignments for students that miss class.  Note:  Each career fair runs from Noon to 5:00p and students can come and go as their schedules allow.
  • Attend the fair yourself and visit with employers.  Thank them for making their employment opportunities available to our students.  Approximately sixty percent of the company representatives are alumni of the College of Engineering.