Adding an Information Session on CyHire

Log in to CyHire:

From your CyHire Homepage:

Under the ‘SHORTCUTS‘ link on your homepage, click ‘Request Information Session/Presentation’ and fill in all the required fields:

  • Information Session Type: Typically ‘Company Information Meeting’ is appropriate
  • Location: Enter TBD and we will reserve an on-campus room for you. You can also choose to host your session in the Memorial Union or with a student group, but need to get the request approved by Career Services first. More information on locations can be found here.
  • Session Start date and time
  • Session End date and time
  • # of Students Expected: This does not need to be an exact number, just an estimate
  • Description of Event: Write a brief description of the event including the location, how you want students to dress for the info session, and if refreshments will be served.
  • Desired Majors: Select the majors for which the info session is being held.

Note: In order to request an information session, you must have Information Session account services. If you do not see the option to Request Information Session on your CyHire homepage, please contact us to obtain access to this service ( or 515-294-2540).