Diversity Committee

The College of Engineering Diversity Committee addresses recruiting and diversity issues in the college to serve as the liaison to the Campus Diversity Committee.

Initially, the committee has been charged with:

  1. Researching best practices from other institutions for faculty and staff recruitment.
  2. Sharing best practices between departments.
  3. Being “one stop shopping” for recruitment committees for learning:
    1. How to conduct a search that results in a diverse candidate pool.
    2. How to interview with diversity in mind.
  4. Addressing any climate issues that we may have in the college.

2015-16 Diversity Committee Members

Matt Frank, Committe Chair, IMSE

Steve Hoff, ABE

Steve Holland, AERE

Derrick Rollins, CBE

Matt Rouse, CCEE

Julie Rursch, ECpE

Sriram Sundararajan, ME

Martin Thuo, MSE

LeQuetia Ancar, Student Services