Scholarship Donors

Iowa State University carries a strong tradition of helping students from different backgrounds attend college. Financial support in the form of scholarships and fellowships is a major factor in providing that assistance. Establishing a student support fund creates opportunities to partner with students and encourages students to become future leaders. Making a contribution to scholarships is a way for you to make a difference in the lives of Iowa State students. Scholarships can be established with outright gifts or pledges. They will continue as long as funding is available to make an award. The level of the annual gift should be equal to or greater than the amount generated by an endowed scholarship. A three- to five-year pledge is recommended for named expendable scholarships. Minimum scholarship: $2,500 annually.

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Scholarship Donors:

3M Engineering Leadership Program
A. Douglas & Helen Steffenson
ADC Telecommunications
Adele B. & Charles W. Irwin
Adolph Shane Scholarship Fund
Ag Processing
Alcoa Foundation
Alfred & Elizabeth Warren
Alice Redington Black
Alliant Energy Foundation
Almon H. Fuller
Alpha Chi Sigma
Alvin F. Prucha
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Professional Estimators – Quad City Chapter, #71
Archer Daniels Midland Company
Arie and Catherine Breed
Arthur A. Collins Education Fund
Arthur Edwin Zahller Endowed Scholarship
Asphalt Paving Assoc. of Iowa (Fred Carlson)
Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa
Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa (Robert and Sheri Horner)
Associated General Contractors of America
Associated General Contractors of Iowa
Associated General Contractors of Iowa (Ahrold  & Fay, Inc.)
Associated General Contractors of Iowa (Clair H. & Delphine Riley)
Associated General Contractors of Iowa (Martin Marietta)
Barbara Ann Highland Herum
Barbara L. Feroe
Beavers Charitable Trust
Beem Patent Law Firm Scholarship
Benjamin Ma Scholarship Fund
Betty Van Winkle
Bill C. Fox
Black-Hilstrom Mechanical Engineering Development Fund
Bob & Maria Evans
Boeing Company
C. L. Hulsbos
Carl and Dorothy Ekberg
Carl R. Nelson
CAT Engineering Leadership Program
Centex Construction, Inc.
Charles W. Schafer
Clarence H. Ford
Claude R. & Christina A. Summers
Clayton Family Scholarship for Studies in Powder Metallurgy
Clayton H. Cooper
Clifford A. Shillinglaw
Conlon Construction Company
Craig Thompson Sr.
Dale Dickinson Company Inc.
Darlene & Melvin Larsen
Darrel W. Edeker
David A. Van Winkle
David C. Lovell
David C. Moll
David R. Wilder
David T. Peterson
Deere Foundation
Design Engineers, P.C. Scholarship
Devin & Indira Shepard Scholarship
Don Delahunt
Don French
Don Grant
Don P. Shafer
Donald & Dorothy Buckingham
Donald D. Kaser
Donald H. Beisner in Honor of Dr. Morton Smutz
Donald L. & Florence E. Waidelich
Donald M. Parrish Scholarship in Electrical Engineering
Dorothy Avery Clark & Maurice R. Clark
Doug and Muriel Gifford
Dow Chemical Company
Eastern Iowa American Society for Quality Control Scholarship
Edward Henry Ohlsen
Edwin John Hull
Edwin R. & Ruth H. Adland
Electric Cooperative Pioneers Trust
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Engel Scholarship Endowment in Engineering
Engineering Student Leadership Development
Engineer’s Week
Erben A. & Margaret H. Hunziker
Erwin and DeLoris Whitney
F. C. Clatterbaugh Company
Floyd Herman Cook
Frank H. Ricker Scholarship Fund
Frank Kayser
Frank Kerekes
Frank McCutcheon III
Fred K. Beatty
Frederick and Patricia Rixe
Frederick Martinson
Garmin ECE Scholarship
Gary and Donna Hoover
George R. & William G. Bathe
George R. Town
George W. Catt
Geraldine M. Montag Scholar in IMSE
Glenn A. and Mary Ellen Atwood
Gordon Stiles
Gretchen L. Bruffy
Griffen Family
Guy W. Morrison
H. S. Ostlin
H. Stuart Kuyper
Hans Buehler
Harold Jacob Reihman
Harold Langford
Harris F. Seidel
Harry Oakley Price
Harry W. Thiesfeld
Harvey Louis Dunker
Heartland Finishes, Inc.
Henkel Construction Scholarship
Henning H. Henningson
Henry M. Black
Herb Erbe
Herbert C. James
Howard H. Lyon
Institute of Industrial Engineers
Iowa County Engineers
Ira B. Shinkle
J. Wade Switzer
J.E. Dunn Construction Company
Jack and Dilla Cosgrove
James B. Cecil
James McIlrath Leadership Scholarship
James P. McKean Scholarship Fund
Jeffrey Huston
Jeffrey Vallier
Jerrold S. & Mary R. Feroe
Joe M.  King Scholarship Fund
John D. Cosgrove
John F. Stevens
John P. Keller
John R. & Eloise M. Wright
John W. & Jeannette McKiernan
Johnson Emergency Scholarship Program
Johnson Transfer Scholarship Program
Jordan L. Larson, Jr.
Joseph & Elizabeth Anderlik
Joseph & Frances Nelson
Kathy & Ken Garrett
Keith L. & Helen F. McRoberts Health Care Scholarship Fund
Kenneth & Mary Heilman
Kenneth R. Nimmo
Kent and Anne Floy
Kermit B. Myers
Kimball Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kleinschmidt/Squires Scholarship Fund
L.C. “Doc” & Lina Allen
Lane Wells
Larry J. McComber
Laurence T. & Jessie Davidson Gaylord
Lawrence E. Burkhart
Leland A. & Loretta G. Haack
Leon G. Williams
Lester and Delilah Buechler
Lewis Paul Drew Engineering Scholarship
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lois A. & James David Waters
Lois and Manley Hoppe
Louis Bubeck Awards of Excellence
Lyle J. & Marcia L. Higgins
M. L. Jack Burgess
Manley R. Hoppe
Margherita Tarr Estate
Marion and Andrew Pontius
Mary and Donald Martin
Mary C. Thompson
Mass Electric Construction Company
Master Builders of Iowa
Master Builders of Iowa (Ken Lewis)
Master Builders of Iowa (Whitfield & Eddy)
McDonnell Douglas Foundation
Mechanical Contractors Association of Iowa Inc.
Melvin R. Van Winkle
Memorial Endowment for Leslie Miller Wallace, Jr.
Micron Technology Inc.
Mitchell C. Dunn
Montgomery Engineering
Murray Gautsch
N. A. and Joan Lamberti
N. Y. C. Post – Society of American Military Engineers
National Electrical Contractors Association of Iowa
NAWIC Des Moines Chapter
NAWIC Greater Kansas City
Nelson Brothers
Noel & Ruth Smith Family
O. Robert Eddy
Okiishi Family Mechanical Engineering Scholarship Fund
Oscar L. Bock
Otto and Martha Buck
P. Fred Petersen
Paul B. Reis
Paul Emerson Morgan
Paul Foster Barnard
Philip Jennings
R. C. Ringwald
Ralph Luebbers
Ralph S. Millhone
Raymond & Hazel Williamson
Raymond W. & Evelyn J. McIlvain
Richard and Marilyn Engle
Richard C. & Barbara B. Freed
Richard S. Young Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert & Jacklyn Lane
Robert Fields
Robert L. Carstens
Robert O. and Marie E. Dierks
Robert O. Robertson
Rockwell Collins-Engineering Leadership Program
Rockwell International
Roderick Seward, Flossie Ratcliffe & Helen M. Galloway
Roger and Barbara Chamberlain
Ronald D. Kenyon
Ronald Deihl
Rudolf Karl & Johanna Herrmann
Ryan Companies (Scott Kinkade)
Sam J. Nicolino
Samuel Walker & Jennie Morrison Beyer
Schneider Electric/Square D Company
Schuff International Scholarship
Sheet Metal Contractors Association of Iowa
Snyder & Assoc. Endowed Scholarship Fund in Memory of Dennis L. Snyder
Society of American Military Engineers
Stan Anderson
Stanley Consultants
Stanley M. Howe/Pella Corporation
Stanley Ring
Stephen & Beverly Watson
Stephen E. Simon
Stuart M. Totty
Susan Rauch Connolly
Tau Beta Pi Scholarship Program
Ted Ness
The Blizzard Family
The Cima Scholarship Fund
The Concrete Pipe Association
The Meier Family
The Robert D. Albertson Memorial Award
Thompson Family Scholarship
Tyler R. Harris
Waldo Wegner Scholarship in CCEE
Wallace C. Caldwell
Walter N. Handy
Walter T. Lawrence Scholarship Fund
Warren W. Joy
Wayne S. Bonebright
Webster Manufacturing
Weis Builders
William & Emily Haines
William Cantrell Miller
William F. Riley
William R. Meehan Scholarship
William W. Bathie
Woodruff Construction
Ziegler, Inc.

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