Trifolium repens

Heather Whittlesey

Trifolium repens

When we look at many of the advancing technologies of today, they are considerably exacerbating the issues of global pollution and resource consumption.  Our knowledge and progression comes at the cost of our environment.  Curiously, the technology that propels us while consuming is now driven by the need to conserve the fuel that we are currently burning.

The paint I’m using on this canvas is recycled from other canvases.  Many times there is excess paint that is no longer needed for a particular painting.  In that case, the pigments that would be otherwise discarded are deposited on this surface.  This technique utilizes recycling and mimics our current fueling dilemma.

The presence of the four leaf clover symbolizes luck.  Luck is usually thought of as an outcome of chance.  This is no longer valid because anything that has happened by “chance” is a product of an unperceived series of factors.  The test tube containing the clover equates to everything being produced by something before.  Therefore luck is demystified and consequently the aftermath of some equation.

Our fate is no longer perceived as random, but determined through our influences and reactions.  The clover is controlled and contained, such as we are ourselves and the world we are beginning to live in.

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