Meghan Flynn


This work of art depicts a series of (ornithoptera) birdwing butterflies.  Butterflies have long been a symbol of change because of the metamorphosis they undergo. These beautiful creatures start their lives as caterpillars, form a chrysalis, and hatch out of the chrysalis as a butterfly. This magical transformation takes 9-14 days on average.

The butterflies I have created have also undergone a metamorphosis. I collected various paper products, including mat-board, magazines, food packaging, and posters from garbage cans. I have given this paper new life. The paper people had thrown away, much like the caterpillar inside its chrysalis, appeared dead to the world. Inside, however, it holds the potential for the emergence of beauty. What started out as magazines and posters has been transformed into intricately patterned butterflies. These materials have been reborn in the form of art.

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