Meat Grinder Concept

Daniel Mosias

Meat Grinder Concept

As I entered an antique store, I wanted to find an object related to agriculture and food production that could be explored with my artistic influence. The item that I selected was the meat grinder, invented in the 19 century.  The benefits of this mechanical device are that it does not pollute the environment, does not require energy resources to operate, and efficiently uses food products without waste.  Every section has unique characteristics and works together to process meat, fish, vegetables or even baby food.

The parts of this cast iron meat grinder include a crank, metal plates, tooth cutters, blades and auger.  The base was the primary part that holds everything together when clamped onto a table or counter.  The colors on each part are very interesting because they have light and dark values.  For instance, the drill part’s spiral form has many color varieties such as browns, purples, yellows and some greens.  I used a lot of watercolor to make the parts clearly visibly and colored pencil for accent and depth.


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