Infected Ground Beef

Daniel Mosias

Infected Ground Beef

The grocery store has a variety of foods to choose from.  I picked up a wrapped package of ground beef in the refrigerated meat counter.  As I held it in my hand, I reflected on the regulations and industry standards required to prepare the meat for consumer sales. When these rules are not strictly adhered to, dangerous consequences can occur that harm the environment and consumers.

One such issue that I found interesting is that cows can inherit mad cow disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) from transmissible agents called prions.  It results from feeding cattle meat and bone meals that may contain the infected protein products.   I illustrated these ‘prions’ above the package of meat to provide a representation of how they would look like under a microscope.  The colors on the prions are based on the different DNA strands and its genetic makeup.

The labeling on the brand shows where the meat was packaged. The large letters and numbers show the important data of what type of meat it is. What I did to further make my concept strong was the addition of smaller details as well as the application of lighter tones.


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