Research in BME

Students have an opportunity to conduct independent biomedical research across many different disciplines by enrolling in B M E 490: Independent Study – Credits will vary. Interested students should contact faculty in the college that are conducting research in biomedical engineering to inquire about openings for independent study projects. Once a faculty has agreed to be a project supervisor, students are asked to prepare a plan in consultation with their project supervisor, whose approval verifies that the planned effort justifies the number of proposed credits. Click here for the BME 490 Study Proposal Form. Note: this is a fillable form. It may be necessary to open it in a different program for full functionality. After the form is completed, it should be submitted to Dr. Thomas Mansell at or at 4136 Biorenewables Research Laboratory. No more than 3 cr. of 490 credit may be applied to this minor. Below is a partial list of faculty in the college of engineering conducting biomedical engineering research. Contact your advisor or department research website for a more expansive list.

Tissue Engineering





Ian Schneider (CBE) Balaji Narasimhan (CBE) Jonathan Claussen (ME) Meng Lu (EE) Gary Mirka (IE)
Kaitlin Bratlie (MSE) Shan Jiang (MSE) Thomas Mansell (CBE) Jaeyoun Kim (EE) Ashraf Bastawros (AERE)
Surya Mallapragada (CBE) Martin Thuo (MSE) Nigel Reuel (CBE) Nastaran Hashemi (ME) Juan Ren (ME)
Qun Wang (CBE) Chenxu Yu (ABE) Carmen Gomes (ME) Santosh Pandey (EE) Sarah Bentil (ME)


Andrew Hillier (CBE) Kaoru Ikuma (CCEE) Liang Dong (EE) Ardarsh Krishnamurthy (ME)
Derrick Rollins (CBE) Sonal Pandalkar (ME) Long Que (EE) Richard Stone (IE)
David Jiles (EE) Pranav Shrotriya (ME) Anwesha Sarkar (EE)
Sid Pathak (MSE)


Immune System

Nervous System



Ian Schneider (CBE) Balaji Narasimhan (CBE) Surya Mallapragada (CBE) Thomas Mansell (CBE) Gary Mirka (IE)
Juan Ren (ME) Kaitlin Bratlie (MSE) Sarah Bentil (ME) Qun Wang (CBE) Richard Stone (IE)
David Jiles (EE) Sid Pathak (MSE)