Professional Electives

Labs and Methods

BIOL 212L Principles of Biology II Lab

BIOL 256L Fundamentals of Human Physiology Lab

BIOL 335L Principles of Human and other Animal Physiology Lab

B M S 502 Methods in Biomedical Sciences


Enabling Biology

BIOL 313 Principles of Genetics

BIOL 314 Principles of Molecular Cell Biology

BIOL 350 Comprehensive Human Anatomy

BIOL 436 Neurobiology

BBMB 405 General Biochemistry II

COM S 444 Bioinformatic Analysis

B M S 447 Principles of Anatomy


FS HN 365 Obesity and Weight Management

FS HN 589x Systems Neuroscience: Brain, Behavior, and Nutrition-Related Integrative Physiology.

KIN 355 Biomechanics

KIN 358 Physiology of Exercise

KIN 363 Basic Electrocardiography

KIN 480 Functional Anatomy


Disease Bases

BIOL 328 Molecular and Cellular Biology of Human Diseases

BIOL/MICRO/V PTH 353 Introductory Parasitology

TOX 401 Principles of Toxicology

V PTH 402 Introduction to Pathology

V MPM 501 Basic Principles of Microbiology

Therapeutic Action

B M S 439 Principles of Pharmacology

B M S/TOX 354 General Pharmacology