Town Engineering

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The Town Engineering Building houses the department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. The building contains classrooms, labs and office space.

Building History

Engineering Building No. 2 was part of an eight-year capital improvement plan prepared in 1963 to keep up with continued growth in the college.

In 1964, the Board of Regents approved the capital improvement budget, which included a $1.7 million engineering building. With the help of state appropriated and federal funds and the sale of bonds, a new $3 million structure was built to house aerospace engineering and civil engineering.

The reinforced-concrete structure building offered diverse labs and equipment. Facilities ranged from a 40-foot water tow tank for hydrospace experiments to structural testing and instrumentation labs for construction research.

Engineering Building No. 2 was the first structure on campus for which the university architect drew up a formal plan, based upon which a contract architect then developed a design for the building. The first drawings for the building showed the front facing south. This was later changed, and the building faced east toward Bissell Road.

In March 1973, the Board of Regents renamed the building Town Engineering to honor George R. Town, who was part of the engineering faculty and dean of the college from 1949 to 1970.

The four-story building housed the offices of two departments until 1999, when the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics moved to Howe Hall.