Mechanical Engineering

Enjoy your adventure.

Be passionate.
Be creative.
Change the world.
Be greater than you imagined in agricultural engineering at Iowa State University.

More opportunities. More possibilities. More potential.

At Iowa State you’ll find all of these things and more. Immerse yourself in a university where top-notch academics and a vibrant student life form the ultimate college adventure. Open your mind. Broaden your horizons. Make memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy your agricultural engineering adventure.
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Mechanical engineering is an adventure.

It begins here.

Iowa State’s mechanical engineering program has
a range of resources and services to help you be creative in your field of study and life. Your adventure will take you places you can’t begin to imagine!

Engineer your future

Many of our graduates have built successful careers not only as engineers, but also
as managers, entrepreneurs, sales representatives and consultants.

  • The average starting salary of mechanical engineering graduates is about $62,000/year.
  • Co-op and internship salaries for our students average more than $19/hr.
  • More than 500 companies visit the College of Engineering each year to recruit our students.
  • 95 percent of our mechanical engineering students have in-profession placement within six months of graduation.

Discover your passion

Mechanical engineers research, design and manufacture products that, simply put, improve people’s lives. By applying the properties of forces, materials, energy and motion, mechanical engineers are involved in nearly every product you can imagine such as:

  • Artificial hip implants and replacement heart valves
  • Automotive and aircraft engines
  • Hospital incubators for premature infants
  • Hybrid gas-electric vehicles
  • Planetary exploration spacecraft
  • Sensors used to deploy air bags during an automobile collision
  • Systems for generating electricity from nuclear, solar and wind sources

Mechanical engineering continues to rank among the top 10 fields nationally for employment prospects. Mechanical engineers work not only in the careers traditionally associated with the profession, but they also find employment in the areas of communications, information technology, nanotechnology, entertainment, and the life sciences. Mechanical engineers work side by side with physicians in designing medical equipment; with climatologists to better understand our environment; and with world-class athletes to help them improve their performance.

Be greater than you imagine

Whatever your goals are, your success is important to us! Our programs, labs, hands-on learning and facilities will give you a competitive advantage to address society’s greatest needs.

  • Unique learning experiences: The department features state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and computer systems. Undergraduate students work with our world-class faculty in research and independent study projects.
  • Interdisciplinary research opportunities: Along with being dedicated educators and top researchers, our professors lead interdisciplinary research centers in the areas of biorenewables and virtual reality applications.
  • Experiential learning: Students get additional hands-on experiences through study abroad programs, internships, co-ops, and a variety of engineering student organizations and technical society activities.
  • Accreditation: Our program is nationally recognized and fully accredited by ABET.
  • Program flexibility: Our program includes our concurrent BS/MBA or BS/MS degree options or interdisciplinary degrees in biorenewables resources and technology, human-computer interaction and systems engineering.

Core Curriculum

After completion of the basic program, the mechanical engineering core curriculum is designed to provide undergraduate students exposure to each of the four major areas in the field:

  • Design and Optimization
  • Materials and Manufacturing
  • Thermal Fluids
  • Dynamic systems

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