Interview Mistakes to Avoid surveyed hiring managers to identify the top mistakes made by job seekers during interviews.

  1. Appearing uninterested  (identified by 62% of employers)
  2. Answering a cell phone or looking at a text  (60%)
  3. Dressing inappropriately (60%). See Tips for Looking your Best
  4. Talking negatively about a current or previous employer (58%)
  5. Failing to make eye contact (72 percent) or smile (42%), having bad posture (38%) or a limp handshake (28%)
  6. Not providing specific examples and fuzzy details when answering questions (34%). Use the STAR method to answer questions.
  7. Talking too much about unimportant information (30%)
  8. Not knowing anything about an employer (30%). Be sure to research the employer beforehand.


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Step 1: Understanding Employers and the College Recruiting Process

    -Maintain a Positive Attitude

Step 2: Determine Career Goals and Skillset

Step 3: Identify Preliminary Target Employers and Industries

Step 4: Develop Effective Marketing Materials

Step 5: Search for Specific Employment and Research Target Companies